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CFL Light Bulbs – The Good, The Bad, The Environmentally-Ugly

People are looking for newer and cheaper ways to keep their home illuminated, and CFL light bulbs are one of the options that are setting the charts ablaze (pun totally intended). But are these new revolutionary lights really benefitting you? Are they the right fit for your home? or your environment? Below we give our … more »

The True Story Behind Flickering Lights

A flickering light is easily one of the most detestable predicaments you can have with your home. Whether a light is blinking intermittently or rapidly, it can make for a rather irritating setting. There are various reasons why lights flicker, it can either be a simple issue or a more intricate problem. Either way, it … more »

If It’s Hot Don’t Give it a Shot – Call a Pro

A PSA on Warm Outlets So far we have advised readers of the many dangers that are a result of an overloaded electrical circuit. It’s been made apparently clear that having too many devices plugged or straining electricity from on outlet is likely to cause some mainly fixable, but quite annoying, issues. An exhausted electrical … more »
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