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Advance Electric’s full-service team of professional electricians is equipped and eager to make your home or business the beautiful and functional space you need. Whether it’s a simple repair or a total system overhaul, we’re here to help.


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Frequent Questions


Do you charge a fee to come out and quote?

The simple answer is no, we do not charge to come out and give a quote.  Rest assured in our years of experiece we have found out that customers prefer an accurate prices based on the exact electric issues they are having.  Contact Advance Electric today for your free quote on your next electrical repair need.


Can I do this work myself?

Suprisingly, there are many electrical applications a home owner can do on their own.  The suprising factor however is that sometimes permits are required and work must be inspected by the appropriate authorities.  Always put the safety of you and your family first by considering having a licensed professional electrician come out and complete electrical work you are unsure of.  Contact Advance Electric today for a free quote on your next electrical project.


How can I save energy in my home?

One of the best sure ways to save energy in your home is by having a lighting system that is well maintained and built right from the start.  There are many ways to make your lighting more efficient including changing out old lighting fixtures and bulbs wherever you are able with updated lighting systems and LED technology.  Feel free to contact Advance Electric to come out and give you a free quote on how we can help you save more energy with your home.


What is a surge protector and do I need them?

Surge protectors are pieces of equipment that lower extra voltage in your electrical system by preventing it from breaking your appliances and devices.  Consider adding surge protectors in your home to help protect your appliances and all yoru devices from your next power surge.  Contact Advance Electric today for a free quote for your next surge protector installation.

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