Lighting Upgrades

Taking Your Current Lighting System to the Next Dimension

Lighting upgrades include modifications to improve your current lighting systems to a more efficient and accommodative lighting service. Upgrading your lighting system brings many benefits such as; lower energy consumption, waste reduction, decreased maintenance costs, and a higher Return On Investment. Advance Electric provides quality custom lighting upgrades for any and all Indianapolis properties.

Some Other Operational Benefits Include:

Saves energy

One of the more pesty issues that often occur in commercial or industrial facilities is that outdated lights are responsible for much of the electrical draining that occurs. A lighting upgrade can significantly cut down electricity usage and save you tons in energy waste and upkeep costs.

Reduce maintenance costs / efforts

Having to continually replace burned out or faulty light bulbs can cost heavily in maintenance and labor fees. Some light fixtures or lamps require that you rent specialized equipment or personnel to properly replace the bulbs. Upgrading your lighting system to a more efficient electrical service can dramatically reduce your facility’s maintenance and energy costs.

Increases productivity

Good lighting creates a comfortable and inviting work environment, which in return can potentially increase staff productivity. An upgrade in electrical service can also help prevent health and safety concerns by eliminating darkness in hazardous areas that require sufficient lighting the most. A well-lit environment allows staff to work efficiently and thoroughly while minimizing errors and hazards, and increasing overall productivity.

Advance Electric has established a 25 year-long history of providing professional electrical upgrading services in the Indianapolis and greater-Indianapolis area. Equipped with a team of qualified expert electricians, Advance Electric specializes in providing professional electrical systems services to businesses and commercial industry leaders like Sterling Contracting, Buffalo Construction, Eyeglass World, and Rainbow.

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