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Remodeling and Addition

Restructuring, Upgrading, and Adding Lighting Systems

Advance Electric provides premium electrical remodeling and addition services for your Indianapolis home or structure. As professional electrical service designers, we understand that making remodeling and addition improvements to your facility requires strict attention to detail. Every piece of content that is going into the new space is critical. From the wallpaper to the machinery to the lighting, whether you’re making simple modifications or restructuring the entire layout of your facility, it all needs to be precisely aligned with your vision. Advance Electric understands the importance of detail when it comes to remodeling your structure. Our team of expert electricians spare no expense at ensuring that all your lighting systems express your vision perfectly.

Whether you are considering remodeling, renovating, or making additions to your facility or structure, Advance Electric is more than qualified to meet all of your electrical systems needs and expectations. Bob Hoffman and his crew of professional electrical technicians are equipped to handle any and all electrical systems projects and do so with the highest level of care, efficiency, and consideration.

Licensed in the Cities of Indianapolis, Lawrence, Fishers, and Beech Grove, Advance Electric is proud to provide expert commercial lighting services in the following fields:

Lighting Upgrades
Electrical Systems Upgrades
Lighting Systems Maintenance
Lighting Implementation and Renovations
Energy Efficient Lighting Installation

Bob Hoffman and the Advance Electric team are licensed, insured, and bonded. They share a strong work ethic and a great sense of camaraderie that allows them to collaborate well with contractors and other external sources.

For inquiries, please contact Bob Hoffman and the Advance Electric
team @ 317-891-0899


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