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Upgrading Electrical Systems Services

If your property or structure is continually experiencing blown fuses and tripped  breakers, one option you may want to consider is upgrading your structure’s electrical system. Upgrading your electrical service will allow your facility to run electricity faster, more efficiently, while minimizing maintenance costs and reducing technical hiccups. Electrical system upgrades can only be conducted by a professional electrician; preferably one that is licensed and insured while providing such services.

A Service Upgrade May Include:

  • Increasing the amperage level of the structure
  • Relocating your meter or breaker panel
  • Complete replacement of electrical service throughout the structure

Service Upgrade Benefits

Safety- old equipment, such as worn out service panels, can cause a deficiency in the electricity, which can potentially lead to a fire. An electrical service upgrade can better ensure the safety of those who occupy your commercial structure or facility.

Performance- an electrical system upgrade can extend the life of your commercial space and its infrastructure, also allowing it run more efficiently and improve overall functionality.

Energy- optimizing your facility’s electrical system is an efficient way to save energy, reduce energy costs, and create an environmentally-friendly space.

Aside from dramatically improving overall performance and longevity, an electrical service upgrade comes with a sizable Return On Investment, which is typically visible within 1 to 2 years. A service upgrade with energy efficient lighting can reduce consumed electricity by up to 80%, significantly shrinking maintenance and service costs.

Advance Electric offers professional commercial service upgrades at a sensible price and in an ever-convenient turn-around time. Depending on the current welfare of your existing electrical service, this process may include increasing your amperage levels, upgrading your circuit breaker panel, and ultimately expanding power and electrical load. Advance Electric is a multi-city license-holding professional electrical systems services shop that is licensed, insured, and bonded.


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